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We provide selling Computers and Laptop accessories, storage accessories, Network accessories, Data center accessories.

Computers, ranging from high-end desktops to laptops or notebooks, and their peripherals, remain widely used electronic devices around the world and manufacturers continue to innovate to make them more energy-efficient, more reliable, more compact and smarter. Based around dedicated complex ICs, such as a CPU or GPU, they also embed a myriad of smaller components that are key to make the overall system working properly and efficiently.

Computech offers a wide range of products to enhance performance and design of computers and peripherals. Products range from advanced power management solutions, to microcontrollers, trusted computing solutions, sensors, protection devices and other key platforms components.

We offer desktop computers which are fully featured systems, embedding processing capabilities, storage, connectivity and interfaces and come in many form factors, from highly modular towers to compact All-in-One (AIO) PCs for consumer use.

Laptops come in a variety of performance levels and sizes with weight and size typically being key metrics.  As the Smartphone market has grown, Laptops have also evolved to incorporate similar feature sets to extend the smartphone user experience to the Laptop; these features include models with touchscreen or sensors.

Computech allows to optimize the design of critical parts of laptops systems offering state-of-the-art solutions to enable high performance and long battery life.

Computer peripherals are hardware devices that attach to a computer and provide input, output, storage, or communication facilities. Typical input devices include computer mice, keyboards, graphics tablets, image scanners, game controllers, microphones, webcams, etc. The most common output devices are computer monitors, projectors, printers, and computer speakers. For storage today’s computers typically use rotating media such as disk drives, as well as solid state media such as USB flash drives and memory cards. 

The high performances, low power, state of the art products offered by Computech allows to implement competitive and top performance system solutions with particular attention to power consumption.

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