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First, what is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the address people type into their website browser to find your website. For example, etc.

Domain Name vs. Website Hosting

Owning a Domain Name gives you the right to point that website name ( to website files located anywhere on the internet.

Website Hosting is the place where you store the files that make up the website.  It’s file storage space like the hard drive of your computer except the files are accessible to the internet.

You can purchase your domain name and your website hosting from the same company or from two different companies. 

The domain name must be short, professional and memorable, helping your company stand out in the minds of internet users researching brands online. Short, memorable domain names are the way to go. Google is focused on brands. The stronger and more trusted your brand is, the better your content will do in the ranking. An important signal to Google is how frequently people type your brand name into the search box.

So, what happens if nobody can remember your domain name? If your domain is hard to remember, then your potential clients will type an approximation into Google. But what happens next? The search engine results might include your competitors before you.

So, try to find a memorable brand name or catchy domain. It could make a huge difference to your website’s organic traffic.

What Kind of Domain Name to Choose?

Your domain name plays a huge role in the online marketing success of your agency. Unfortunately, most of the good domains are gone.

If it’s too complicated clients won’t share it with their friends. If it’s too long no one will ever visit it. If it’s easily mis-spelled people will think that your emails will be sent to the wrong address.

And if your domain name is easily forgotten, so is your agency.

Don’t forget that changing your domain name in the future is possible, but it can damage your search rankings for years, and can force you to reprint thousands of dollars’ worth of business cards and other stationary.

Computech is here to help you choose the right domain name for your company!

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