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What Is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is a lot what it sounds like. We define custom software as an individualized software solution developed to meet an organization’s specific needs. Custom software solutions are unique, innovative solutions with capabilities and features beyond anything provided by a standard or off-the-shelf solution.

Typically, a business chooses to build a customized software solution in-house, or to outsource the development to experts who have the tools and skill sets to complete a project from start to finish. While choosing custom software development requires an investment of both time and money, it results in an invaluable end product that can bring great ROI and is exactly what your company needs.

Why Choose Custom Software Development?

There are many reasons why a company would opt for a custom software product over an off-the-shelf solution. One of the main reasons is that the out-of-the-box functionalities of a commercial product simply do not meet all of the requirements of the company. Another driver in choosing custom software development is a desire to innovate. Custom software is a good solution for any company with a business-first mentality.

Achieve Advantage

● Achieve a competitive advantage

● Solve a business problem

● Create a new source of revenue

● Offers customers a new capability

Improve Processes and Productivity

● Combine multiple systems and internal processes

● Boost speed, efficiency and productivity

● Improve data integrity and accuracy

● Implement scalable, flexible, adaptable solutions

● Custom software development can provide major gains for both your business and your customers.

Will Your Business Benefit from Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is appropriate for any innovative company with a results-first mentality. Companies wondering whether or not it’s worth the time and investment to develop their own software solution can ask themselves several questions prior to engaging in a project.

● Do we want to expand our business? Do we put our business first, and are we focused on results?

● Do we want to innovate? Would a new functionality or capability improve our competitive stance?

● Are any of our processes slow, inefficient, manual or disjointed? Do any of our processes no longer meet our needs?

● Are we relying on multiple software applications to do one thing? Would we benefit from integrating any of our existing systems?

● Do we have an effective, easy-to-use, consolidated platform to communicate with each other and customers? Would our data be more accurate with an automated solution?

● Do we have an idea that isn’t easily accomplished with existing, out-of-the-box solutions?

If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, it may be time to stop asking “what is custom software development” and start thinking about getting custom software developed.


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