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Case Study Information

  • Project name :Health Technology Innovation
  • Category :Cyber Security
  • Client :Health Corporation
  • Complete date :10 December, 2019
  • Skills :Cloud Security

Solution For Health Corporation

The Challenge
The Company made the strategic decision to run its infrastructure and applications in the cloud, rather than invest tens of thousands of dollars into an on-premises data center. The scalability and cost-effectiveness of Azure Services (AWS) were a perfect fit for the lean startup. We’ve changed the way we do development to incorporate security best practices, and we audit our code for security. We’re getting the entire organization involved in security.
The Solution
The Company by implementing  our solution is able to take effective actions before cyber threats were detected. Plus she can provide a robust IT security environment without adding additional, dedicated full time employees. Those resources can now be used to create better services and experiences. Professional threat detection and vulnerability management tools allows the engineering team to focus on their core business rather than constantly worrying about security.