Portfolio Information

  • Project name :E-Commerce
  • Category :Graphics design / Web design
  • Client :Artifact Company
  • Complete date :11 February, 2020
  • Skills : Web design & Development

This is Your Awesome Project

The Challenge
The company's goal was to increase their e-commerce revenue but they were unfamiliar with digital marketing or where to begin. They primarily had grown their sales through word-of-mouth and trade shows. However, they wanted to explore other avenues and digital marketing was one of them.
The Solution
We started to design an e-commerce website and saw impressive returns on our efforts. We analyzed their website from design and shopping experience perspectives and worked to eliminate friction in their navigation and checkout process. Our strategy consisted of improving organic search traffic through optimizing key SEO ranking factors, improving website conversion rate through reducing friction in the shopping/buying process and increasing website traffic through targeting relevant search terms in Google and Bing. We noticed that we even needed to hold back because their rapid growth was faster than they could operationally handle. Through our efforts, the company expanded the number of employees they had.