Case Study Information

  • Project name : Awesome Creative Project
  • Category : Cloud Services
  • Client :Shipping Company
  • Complete date :12 January, 2020
  • Skills :Cloud Engineering

Awesome Creative Project

The Challenge
The company had an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) that had outgrown legacy hardware. The platform couldn’t complete native database backups due to its lack of disk space and poor hardware capabilities.
The Solution
We began by digging into company's needs. The team evaluated company's computing and storage requirements, as well as its data usage patterns, to determine an optimal architecture solution. Our cloud experts worked closely with company's leaders  to migrate databases from multiple database servers to cloud without disrupting existing services. On top of that, we minimize the risk management, which is important for an application that must protect sensitive user data. Company followed AWS best implementation practices the entire way to maximize performance and availability while also leaving room for future growth.