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Case Study Information

  • Project name :Designer Outlet Firm
  • Category :Cyber Security
  • Client :Designer Outlet Firm
  • Complete date :12 March, 2020
  • Skills :Cyber Security

Solution For Designer Outlet Firm

The Challenge
The Company has grown and added more centers internationally, their lean IT team found it increasingly difficult to manage changes in their security posture. They needed help with IT security. They realized they did not have the tools or inhouse staff they needed to face today’s advanced and targeted attacks. They required an outside solution to augment their existing operations.
The Solution
The Company chose our solution  to support their in-house security team and meet their growing IT security challenges. The first day they switched on the first appliance and started monitoring, the system called them to make them aware of some security threats and vulnerabilities that they detected right away. Our system helped the Company to take a more strategic approach to IT security including customizable security rules. It's easy to understand, purchase, and implement