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Computech can help you make the right choice by identifying and Fulfilling your Computer Hardware Needs

The physical equipment that comprises a computer system represents the system’s “hardware." The basic hardware components of any computer are the central processing unit, a monitor, a keyboard, the hard drive, and a printer. Other common business components include DVD drives, modems, and scanners.

Other than the mandatory components, Which of the following you’ll actually need will depend largely on the types of software programs you choose to run and the types of tasks you want to accomplish.

● Central Processing Unit (CPU).

● Random access memory (RAM).

● Monitor.

● Keyboard.

● Hard drives.

● Printers.

● CD-ROM and DVD drives.

● Flash drives.

● External hard drives.

● Modems, broadband, and wireless connectivity.

● Scanners.

● Notebooks/Laptops.

● Smart phones.

● Networks.

Still unsure of what you need? Our Team with 21 years of experience offers you this general advice: Unless you plan to work on large presentations or manipulate graphics, a high-performance computer is really not needed. What is needed is a mid-range computer with an office automation suite (work processor, spread sheet, presentation, email client). Because computer outages often equate to a stop in productivity (depending of course, on your particular business), it’s in your best interest to purchase the computer with an extended warranty complete with on-site repair service.

You can see below some hardware product categories we can provide you:

​Academic Products 
Add-In Boards, Chips 
Audio Products 
Bar Code Readers 
Bridges, Routers, Gateways 
Cables & Accessories 
CPU Chips 
Digital Cameras 
Drives & Storage 
Power Management Display
DVD-ROM Devices

​Host Connectivity 
Game Systems 
Image Acceleration 
ISDN Bridges
Storage Media 
PC/Ethernet Cards 
Hubs Switches 
Mother Boards 
MP3 Players 
Phone Equipment

Pointing Devices Plotters 
Remote Access 
Security Devices 
Sound Devices 
Fax Machines 
Video & Sound 
Wireless Technology 
Networking Technology 
Graphics Tablets and much more

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