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Pricing Plans - Computech Business Solutions

Computech offers you competitive rates and pricing plans to help you find one that fits your needs and budget.

Each Computech pricing plan offers a variety of features. There is no one specific plan that works for every business, but we can help you decide which plan works for you.

Personal Plan

The Personal Plan is a plan offering one solution: scheduled field appointments. Residential customers can use the Personal Plan to get one of our highly skilled technicians on-site for IT assistance. This plan is excellent for occasional on-demand service. It’s designed for home users who want expert technicians to help with their technology.

Business Plan

The Business Plan is a full suite of services focused on providing enterprise-grade IT solutions to small businesses. We use a Managed IT Services model to ensure maximum stability, security, and efficiency in IT for our customers. The Business Plan includes a wide array of solutions such as field appointments, remote helpdesk, powerful maintenance and security features, preventative care, documentation, and more.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise Plan is a full suite of services focused on providing enterprise-grade IT solutions to medium and large businesses. The Enterprise Support plan is an investment in the future success of your large enterprise. The Enterprise Support plan is built specifically for larger businesses that need custom, scalable solutions and individualized support. It offers all the great features available on Personal & Business plan, and more.

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