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For a computer to accomplish the tasks you desire, you must supply it with the proper applications software. Applications software are computer programs that instruct the computer on how to perform specific functions.

You can purchase the most expensive business computer available, but it won’t do much for your business if the software it’s running doesn’t do what you want. You can run into a similar problem if the computer you acquire isn’t capable of effectively running your desired software. Accordingly, it’s frequently better to determine which software applications you’ll be using before you decide what computer hardware to acquire.

Operating system software. The most basic kind of software is operating system software, which is a program such as one of Microsoft’s Windows iterations that controls the computer’s monitor, drives, printer, and other components and also controls how the components work with your applications software. Most computers come with the most up-to-date version of this software preloaded.

Applications software. Apart from operating system software, the general types of applications software that you may find to be useful include:

● Word processing programs. These effectively convert your computer into a sophisticated typewriter and enable you to write and quickly edit letters, reports, and other documents. Perhaps the greatest utility of these programs is that you don’t have to retype an entire document to make corrections or changes to a few words or lines.

● Spreadsheet programs. These programs are especially helpful in creating budgets, business plans, financial statements, and other reports that require mathematical calculations. The beauty of these programs is that if you change one or more numbers in the spreadsheet report, all related numbers are automatically adjusted. For this reason, spreadsheet programs are a great time saver in performing “what if" scenarios with your financial projections.

● Database management programs. You can store, organize, manipulate, and update large amounts of business information with the assistance of database management programs. For example, you can use these programs to keep track of your customers, suppliers, or inventory levels.

● Accounting programs. These programs run the gamut from those that merely assist you in maintaining your financial records to those that assist you with managing your payroll or accounts receivable or payable to those that assist you in completing your tax returns.

● Desktop publishing programs. You can use these types of programs to help you produce professional-quality layouts for your own catalogs, newsletters, brochures, forms, and other documents.

Complete software packages. If you expect that you’ll be using more than one of these programs, you may want to consider these options:

● Shop around for an integrated software package, sometimes known as an “office suite." Integrated packages effectively combine several tools into a single program. For example, there are several products on the market that combine word processing, spreadsheet, and database management functions.

● Have a program custom-made. Another option for obtaining applications that will work well together is to hire a software consultant to create a custom-made program for your business. This is more expensive than purchasing ready-made software off the shelf, but may well be worth the investment if you can’t find existing programs that meet your specific needs.

● Purchase industry-specific software. You may be able to purchase a package that has been developed specifically for your industry. For example, one industry this may be particularly important for is retailers, who tend to have very large and specific information needs.

Our company can offer you the following software categories:

​Accounting Software 
Anti-Virus Software 
Audio Application Software 
Backup Software 
Business Reference Software 
CAD CAM Software 
Charting, Forms Software 
Communications Software 
Communications Utilities
Compilers, Languages Software 
Computer Linking Software 
Contact Management 
CTI Software 
Database Software 
Desktop Publishing Software 
Development Utilities 
Document Management 
Drivers and Installation Software

​Edutainment Software
Educational Software 
E-Mail and Messaging Software 
Encyclopedia Software 
Entertainment Software 
Fax Software 
File Management Software 
Font Software 
Foreign Language Translation 
Gateway and Interface Software 
Gaming Software 
Graphical User Interface 
Graphics Design Software 
Imaging Software 
Integrated Application Software 
Intranet Server Software 
Internet Software and Utilities

​Legal Service Software
Linux Software 
Mapping and Atlas Software 
Multimedia Application Software 
Network Resource Sharing
Network Management 
Network Operating Systems 
OCR Software 
Office Automation Software 
Operating Systems 
Organization Time Management 
Presentation Graphics Software 
Remote Computing Software 
Security and Auditing Software 
Speech Recognition 
Spreadsheet Software 
Tax Software 
Web Development Software

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