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CCTV technology has evolved exponentially—from simple video footage monitoring, to today’s intelligent systems that are capable of identifying abnormal events or behavior.

As intelligence increases in CCTV systems, so do technology applications. Surveillance technology can now be used to observe consumer behavior, to help organizations increase their revenue and profitability, and to monitor retail environments to reduce shrinkage.

Simpler operation

Depending on the system, it is possible to monitor the digital video feed with standard PC software. The images are stored as MPEG, so selected video segments can be uploaded to cloud-based storage, to be displayed or analyzed from anywhere.

Video analytics

Video surveillance analytics can assess security-related events using data about foot traffic, face recognition and reconstruction of events from several camera sources. Our IP Surveillance Solution effectively achieves these benefits and provides secure, remote monitoring for further security assurance.

Simple installation and cabling

By using our solution over Ethernet (PoE) switches, power can be provided to cameras over the same Ethernet cable as data, removing the need for separate power cables. The camera needs just a single UTP Ethernet cable run to it from its local switch. This simplifies the installation process.

As a result, even after the initial installation of the system is complete, any subsequent alteration or expansion of the surveillance network is also simplified.

Easy distribution and system scalability

Video feeds from IP cameras can be monitored from remote sites. Additionally, the feeds can be transmitted across the Internet to locations outside the business. The feeds can also be viewed upon multiple displays or devices simultaneously.

Through integration with the existing Ethernet/IP network, the operation of the surveillance network can be incorporated in an organization’s IT environment. IP networks are easily scaled to cope with the addition of new cameras. The organization can take advantage of the benefits that come from multiple applications (such as CCTV) being converged onto a single, unified network.

Deliver video to multiple receivers simultaneously

IP data streams can deliver video to multiple devices at the same time. This enables redundant storage of video. There is no limit to the number and locations of recording and monitoring devices.

Secure Connectivity

Securing the network is an important part of modern data solutions, to prevent access from unwanted users and those with malicious intent. IP surveillance networks can use mechanisms such as 802.1x, which ensures video cameras are authenticated on the network before they can send any data and removes the possibility of replacing a camera with a laptop to gain unauthorized access.

If an intrusion is detected, the link can be automatically shut down, and an operator alert sent, to ensure that video and other network data is safe from snooping.

Our Company has completed many integrated security system installations.  Computech’ s installation capabilities include a full range of Access ControlSecurity Cameras and Recorders, and Fire and Burglar Alarm Systems.  Cost-effective, quick to respond, and flexible in performing the most challenging installation tasks, Computech technicians are experts in installations requiring extensive conduit work, new electrical circuits, and fiber optic interfaces.  Computech expertise as an IT installation firm has been beneficial to security system dealers as they accelerate their transition from analog security products to digital web-based technologies.

Access Control

● Card Readers

● Door Contacts

● Request to Exit Buttons

● Electric Hinge/Electric Strike

● Motion Detectors

● Glass Break Sensors

● Gate Control

● Door Cameras

Security Camera

● Interior Analog and Digital Cameras

● Exterior Dome and Long-Range day/night low-light cameras

● Wide Angle (180-degree view)

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