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As website design consultants, we understand that every business and industry is unique, which is why we take the time to get to know better your business structure and goals. We also try to understand the different types of users who will be using your website.

Our mission is to transform your website to a sales machine and to an effective tool in growing your business. At Computech, we help companies with website development and design, constructing comprehensive websites that utilize top-of-the-line design techniques, complete development responsiveness and optimization with SEO service best practices.

Our Web Design & Development Services have helped all of our clients transform their site into a Money-Making Machine

Our aim is to build a structured website with a creative design that attracts your audience and will quickly establish trust and credibility for your brand.

Our web site designing approach is including the following elements:

• Alignment with your business and brand identity

• Focus to your target audience

• Increasing potential clients

• Increasing sales through digital marketing

• High functionality website your customers will enjoy using

Whatever your goals are, we have a wide range of web design and development solutions available for you. We specialize in transforming your vision into an extraordinary website.

As a web design agency, we recognize the importance of great web design, functionality, and user experience – these are at the heart of what we do. Most importantly, each website we build is on a custom basis and in line with our clients’ specific needs.

As an experienced and established web design agency, we provide exceptional web design services and secure hosting to your company

Our web design process usually starts with an audit with you trying to build your website lay out and structure. The aim is to get your approval of the site structure and content layout before any of the more time-consuming parts of the project progress. It is then the job of our graphic designers on the project to breathe life into this.

Our experienced graphic designers work to craft a design in combining it with your existing brand identity and marketing procedures. For those organizations who are new or simply in need of a change, we can also create your new logo or other corporate identities and branding as part of the process. All the websites we develop are responsive (i.e. mobile friendly) and our graphic designers will produce designs showing what your site will look like on mobile devices too.

The designs will then go through a period of refinement to ensure that they are meeting, and hopefully exceeding, your expectations and business requirements. From there, our skilled programming team will take the design files and start building your website, making it fully responsive in order to work well across all desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Functionality could involve anything from a simple contact form to a comprehensive content management system or e-commerce checkout in line with your business goals. The final development stage involves user testing and site revision until full sign-off is received.

Every website development project is including a full team of in-house developers, designers, and code reviewers to build your site fast and with a personal touch.

Last but not least, we must mention here that approximately over 60% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. Every site design and development project come with a mobile responsive plan, so your site be compatible to any kind of device, Android, iPhones, iPads, workstations etc.

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